Thursday, December 31, 2009


Despite the ritual Humiliation of the Royal Bengal Tiger by tens of thousands of US housewives, the World Wildlife Fund reported today (31st Dec 2009) that 18,000 donors have ‘adopted’ the animals in 2009.

Topping their league of most adopters for endangered species, the tigers still, plainly ,have significant popular appeal.

17,000 adopted Polar Bears, whilst 7,000 adopted Pandas.Whilst the most certain sightings of these magnificent beasts remain in the zoological collections of the world…Dhaka Zoo has 6 at the last count!...their natural habitat remains the huge Sundarban Mangrove Forest in southern Bangladesh…literally translated, ’the land of Bengal’.

The forest is believed to contain the largest group remaining in the wild, perhaps 15% of the estimated 4,000.

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