Wednesday, December 30, 2009


South of the border between N.E.India and Bangladesh, where lovely Sylhet lies, is the watery world of Jaflong.

The clear waters of rivers originating in the Himalayas rush across the border, carrying with them the boulders that are, quite literally, the bedrock of so much of the construction and engineering work in alluvial Bangladesh.

Tea Gardens roll across the hills, giving employment to the colourful indigenous peoples whose villages, as ever, maybe a treasure house of ethic crafts as well as the products of the farms they tend so carefully.

It is a land of mists, and if mellow fruitfulness were added, it is more vegetables and tea leaves than the British Poet Keats had in mind!

Only 4 hours or so from Dhaka, it is both fairly accessible, and has plenty of boatmen ready to take those long, watery sagas that can be so restful.

It is also easy, through Tiger Tours, to arrange fishing in these excellent waters.. including nocturnal fishing with lantern and trident!

Like so many parts of Bangladesh, this area is newly unlocked for safe and fascinating travel.

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