Saturday, March 20, 2010


Go back 100 years and more, and you will discover the way of life. Life is not just the means of living but it is something which will memorialise you after your death.

If you turn the pages of history you will find out the lot of people who made their position for the future.

When you go to build your house obviously you will try to find out the international architecture and try to bring all comforts.

But the Maharajas or Zamindars were not like that , they tried to bring new architecture which will hold their name hundreds and hundreds of years, and you will remember them. Like this there is a Rajbari in Ranishankal. Which had a Zamindari 100 or more years ago.

A couple of days ago I went to visit some Zamindarbari in Thakurgaon. Then I found a gate which was standing with four big pillars. When yougo to visit this palace you will find the one temple which is just on the way to Zaminderbari, it is more than 100 years old. Then the big entrance gate and the big palace . Where you will find the outstanding architechture,the stair system, two lakes , some destroyed design and some other stuff. From the local people we came to know the name of the last Zamindar as TONKO NATH CHOWDHURY.
He left his Zamindari during 1947 , when was a clash between Hindu and Muslim. But still their palaces is standing their to tell their history by showing the architecture of the building.


  1. The Photos of the Palace of Tonkonath are amazing. Please post some more photos of the palace, like the main entrance and the front facade of the palace.One of my freinds is a descendent of Tonkonath and would be delighted to see the photos of the Palace and surroundings.

  2. Dear Girijanand,

    Thanks a lot for your encouragement! Will sure upload some more images once i sort them out. Please tell your friend to visit this blog again

    Best Wishes

  3. We are still waiting,me and my freind (a descendent of Raja Tonkonath)for some more photos of the Palace as promised by you

  4. Thankyou very much.But could the photo of the front facade be made enlargeable?

  5. Thankyou again, The front facade is very impressive. In case you may be interested in writing a pictorial history of the royal dynasty of Raja tonkonath Chaudhuri,my freind( a descendent of The Raja)and i could furnish you with some interesting information.

  6. It is nice to see the photos of the palace. As a descendent of the Raja's elder brother I would like yo have some information on the present status of the Zamindari- a brief write up would suffice please. If you so wish I can provide some inputs.

  7. Is there any relation of Tonko Nath choudhury with Chandi Prasad Choudhury of thakurgaon Zaminderi

  8. My father Late Benoy Gopal Jha had spent his entire childhood in this palace up to class VIII. Being a nephew of the Raja, he enjoyed a privileged position. He used to tell us numerous stories in his leisure time about the tigers that entered the "Ramchandra Mandir" and the ghosts and spirits that prevailed at that time in the palace.

    My father was a close friend of the then manager's son. He left the palace of "RAMGANJ" in 1925 after the death of the Raja Tonko Nath Choudhuri. I remember he missed the palace and it's surroundings during his last days in 1984. A lot has changed from the picture I had in my mind from the stories of my father.

    Kant Gopal Jha
    Village and Post Durgagnj
    Dist. Katihar

  9. Somebody told me that Raja Tank Nath Choudhari was having "Karmahe Naruar" Mool Gram, is it right ?

  10. Tangon nodi khujte gie anek kichu Jana galo. Dhannobad sabaike

  11. Tangon nodi khujte gie anek kichu Jana galo. Dhannobad sabaike

  12. Feels amazing to see these photos.Thanks for sharing!