Wednesday, August 25, 2010


There is no doubting the appeal of the natural beauty of the longest beach. That 120 km draws me back again and again, especially when the opportunity is there to head south of Elephant Point.

It is the longest continuous natural sea beach in the world, though others have artificially bridged gaps with infill. Sad that it should be developed nations that use their wealth to assert their primacy by going to amazing lengths to prove that, to them at least, size does matter!

However, if, like me, you prefer to see the countryside you are crossing, and take the road, or train as far as it goes, the journey to the longest beach, from Dhaka is now just about the longest journey from the capital to anywhere in Bangladesh.

At least 11 hours, and usually 12 and more.

The business class seats on offer at Shohag, the intercity a/c bus service are as good as any airline business class, but even that, one of the first to offer the ‘coach in comfort’ certainly loiter on their journey, extending it, apparently unnecessarily, by at least an hour. Yet, somehow, that cross country journey, day or night, seems worthwhile when the beach opens before you.

In case you hadn’t noticed how big a fan of the beach I am, I am putting up more pictures to enjoy.

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