Sunday, August 8, 2010


The haunting cries of the otters are audible from a distance as you make your way through the fascinating riverside community of Hindu fishermen on the banks of the Chitra River on the outskirts of Narail. The menfolk are masters of the art of harnessing the predatory instincts of these aquatic creatures to fill their fishing nets when the fish move about in the dark hours of night.

But they are also willing to make a display of their skills in daylight, and the Otters are never averse to scouring the river bed for the tasty crabs, and the odd fish. But it seems the otter’s preference for crab, and the human preference for fish means that here, on the river, a partnership made in heaven works to the mutual benefit of all. Not to mention the tourist potential for this remote community.

The long, sleek, river craft, and the work of the men, are reminiscent of the Cormorant fishermen of Japan.

The spectacle itself still draws audiences from the town to the bridge over the river, especially the youngsters who demonstrate their fearlessness by leaping from the bridge to join the hunt!

This, after all, is what travel and tourism is all about. The talents of local people turned into spectacle to raise incomes for all.

A truly unforgettable experience of the real Bangladesh!

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