Monday, December 27, 2010


A decaying masterpiece of educational development, bearing testament to the endeavours of the Raj to match the ambitions of the young Bengalis, as well as their own need for clerks! And still in use.
The neoclassical centrepiece, which includes the remnants of a raked lecture theatre of which many more modern establishments would be proud, is probably in terminal decay. Experience tells us that when we hear of plans for restoration the finished work is unlikely to bear much resemblance to the original.
Curiously, the windows of one of the buildings are shaped in an unusual design similar to some seen in the palace at Puthia.
It appears there may be fruitful potential in a study to identify the architects and builders responsible for the large number of neoclassical buildings in would be unsurprising to find that there are many constructions of common origin.
Well worth a visit for any student of architecture in the mid to late 19th Century in Bangladesh.

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