Sunday, March 27, 2011


The summer arriving in Bangladesh means much needed monsoon rain in prospect for the farmers. So long as there’s not too much of it!
On the beaches it means that the monsoon breakers are rolling onto the sands on such as the world’s longest sea beach, the 120km that runs from historic Cox Bazar in the north to Teknaf on the Myanmar border in the south.
The newly formed Cox Bazar surf club, with about 40 keen, local members are looking forward to another year of visitors to share their passion with.
Last year, over 400 visitors from across the world headed to this, which promises to be one of Asia’s best beaches. This year, a couple of club members hope, State Department permitting, to spend a few months in Hawaii, brushing up on surfing and tuition skills, and then, at the end of the surf riding season in Bangladesh, a couple more are planning to head to Australia, where a great Lifesaving and Surf Club is offering help.
In planning is already a state of the art facility, with finance provisionally promised, and the club look to be supporting other aquatic sports on the beach, and activity such as trekking and mountain biking in the Himalayan foothills behind the beach. One thing the young Bangladeshis of Cox Bazar, boys and girls, do well, is looking after visitors. Hospitality is part of their tradition, and its a tradition that has lost nothing with this generation.
Tiger Tours, a supporter of the club from day 1, are the guys to facilitate your days on the breakers.

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