Tuesday, March 1, 2011


logo_copyJapan’s leading travel organisers, JTB, has selected Tiger Tours to facilitate the visit to Bangladesh of a 22 person delegation of senior business people, for Keidanren, the Japanese business association.
Tiger Tours, who already in 2011, have facilitated 8 groups of students, professionals, and corporate representatives from Japan, as well as business and leisure visitors from US, and Europe, is a recent initiative committed to the development of sustainable, fair-trade tourism in Bangladesh. With investors, and expertise from UK, Europe, Australia and Japan, as well as from within Bangladesh itself, it is already acknowledged as operating to international standards of efficiency and integrity.
homepage image-boat on tanguarStaffs have been recruited from all corners of the country, including from socially marginalised groups, such as indigenous peoples, and trained by international practitioners.boat-back-a
The business aims to lead the transformation of Bangladesh’s poor performance in the international Travel and Tourism sector, which is currently running at a net outflow of about $3 billion, by opening the country’s areas of outstanding natural beauty, including rivers, beaches, and hill country; it’s astonishing and visible history of over 4,000 years; the many facilities for activity including trekking, mountain biking, golfing, surfing, angling, wildlife study; and the many colourful and fascinating indigenous peoples as well as a diversity of religious sites that go back over two thousand years and mark the world’s four great belief groups.

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