Thursday, May 5, 2011


Like every other city in the world, when the sun goes down Dhaka can find opportunities to party!
Also like so many other cities, the lights can go down too as the national power system fails to keep up with the growing demand of a nation with a 6 to 8.5% GDP growth rate. Then, the heavy atmosphere of a near tropical night can be deafened by the din of generators!
Streets of Dhaka City
But when the lights are on, in the discos and party places of the city, or illuminating buildings and structures, Dhaka also becomes a dream that the traffic jammed city of the day could never conjure up.
As one of the world’s largest cities, and still growing apace, it probably isn’t surprising that its becoming a 24 hour a day city, lit up and throbbing through the hours of the night.
Chandrima Uddan, Dhaka
Dhaka after dark is another experience!

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