Thursday, June 16, 2011


Delonix Regia

Between April and June Bangladesh is ‘on fire’ with the extensive blooming of the ‘Delonix Regia’ along highways, byways, streets, paths and parks.
Known in English as Royal Poinciana, and one of the species of tree referred to around the world as Flame Trees, in Bangladesh, with its delicate, fern like leaves, and its flamboyant scarlet and crimson covering of blossom, it is called ‘Krishnachara’: the Crown of Lord Krishna.
The tree has extensive root systems which are sometimes regarded as nuisance, preventing undergrowth, but it is hard not to forgive that for the two months or so it so enlivens the environment.
Flame Tree or Royal Poinciana
With yellow and purple blooming varieties as well it is certainly one of the stars of a spring in Bangladesh that is famed for its luxuriant palette of colours, including a far wider variety of green shades than the average water colour box!

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