Thursday, January 19, 2012


Rajshahi is generally regarded as the ‘Garden of Bangladesh’, especially for its incredible summer fruit crops including Lychee and, above all, something like 2,000 varieties of tasty, juicy Mangoes.

But the verdant agricultural riches certainly don’t stop there! In an area that was once famous for producing Indigo as well the world’s highest quality Opium, the fields are now turned to less controversial crops of vegetables.

Driving through the Ganges side lands in the south of the Division at this time of year, the fields can be seen to be bright with the tomato crops; especially where the fruit/vegetable has been picked and is gathered for sale, storage and no doubt many other uses, though in truth, no one seems to know about Tomato Chutney. 

And certainly there seems to be no suggestion of Spanish style tomato fights! But as a colourful scene, they make for great pictures.

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