Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tiger Cack

As great fans of the little known or appreciated local ‘Deshi’ snacks and pastries, it is always a pleasure to find another of the reputed 50 or so varieties that tickle the taste buds and delight the eye of the beholder.

Before these local specialities and delicacies are overwhelmed by the internationally ubiquitous ‘danish’ of which there seems to be a globalisation plot, the traveller should make time to sample and enjoy these unique Bangladesh treats.
Not in the ever expanding urban centres, but in the innumerable village stalls across the country, where the open flame cooking ensures real hygiene. Food poisoning is not uncommon in Bangladesh, but this writer has only ever encountered it eating in the ‘best’ restaurants in large towns and cities. Never from these great wayside supply depots across the country.
One of our favourites has been, for some time, a small, Cajun walled and roofed stall beside the ferry that crosses the river at Ramu.

Tiger Cack!

It was there our attention was called to a pleasant round cake, made, it seems, from rice, flour and molasses, and rather like around doughnut. A friendly elderly Buddhist man insisted  trial of this unknown cake, and when it was pronounced ‘delicious’ he announced, with abroad grin and to the evident pleasure of his audience, that the cake was called ‘Tiger Cack’, which, for the benefit of the less well educated reader, translates into Tiger Poo.
Great sense of humour these out of town, Bangladeshis have! 

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