Saturday, March 31, 2012


Golfing in Bangladesh

With the number of young caddies who are beginning to make a name for themselves internationally, at least on the Asian circuit, it might almost be better to write this piece about golfing For Bangladesh.
A round of golf on the outskirts of Dhaka

With the international reputation of the Bangladesh Army, so obviously unallied, making an ever increasing reputation for themselves as UN peacekeepers around the world, it is perhaps unsurprising that golf should have taken such a hold. Of the courses in Bangladesh, most are maintained by the army.

A beautifully kept golf course in Bangladesh

The courses are immaculately kept, like this course on the fringes of Dhaka, and open to visitors at a fraction of the cost of such facilities in most of the golfing nations of the world!
Clubhouse, Dhaka Bangladesh

There are excellent club house facilities as well as the support of the ‘Pro’ to help improve the stroke or swing, lady golfers are no great rarity either.
We have noted before the abundance of opportunities for sport in Bangladesh, surfing, trekking, biking and angling included, not to mention the spectator participation welcome in wrestling, a Mughal tradition particularly maintained in towns and villages of the east with a national championship on the 12th day of Boishakh in April.

A round of golf in Bangladesh

It may still be true, as Noel Coward suggested, that ‘only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’,  but early morning isn’t a bad time to grab a round of golf before the onset of a day’s work or sightseeing for the resident, or visitor, looking for some relaxation.

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