Friday, April 20, 2012


Nell Gwyn, the great ‘friend’ of England’s King Charles 2nd, would certainly feel at home in the increasing number of orange orchards in Bangladesh.
Not yet degenerated to the rather tasteless fruit, grown of regular watering, and chemical feeds used to boost cropping in some of the world’s great orange orchards, these are fruit full of flavour.

Sadly, in Bangladesh, where value seems to attach to foreign origin, even these local oranges are often described by shop owners as ‘Indian Oranges’. Unsurprising, perhaps, in a country where, even in the best hotels, ‘Fresh Fruit’ on the breakfast menu usually means imported apples and oranges; even where papaya, bananas, and even mango can often be seen growing in the hotel garden!

But this is now the orange season in Bangladesh. Lemons and Limes also grow in great profusion much of the year, but, right now, although the piles and bags of oranges to be seen in the shops usually originate in India or China, careful detective work will usually produce a local fruit, rich in flavour, and full of juice!

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