Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Across the mud, exposed by the ebbing tide, lies Moheshkali Island, a fascinating retreat from crowded Cox’s Bazar.

Anyone familiar with the estuarine muds of the east coast of Britain could not help but be reminded of home. But here the craft that lie stranded are so unlike most of those small leisure craft of home. These are working boats, fishing or small coastal cargo craft built and repaired on the nearby shores.

Somehow at odds with the teeming Burmese Market, the fish markets, even the myriad merchant shops of the town, or the seasonally crowded silver sand beaches of the shore, where the 120 km Longest Beach commences its stretch to the distant Burmese border at Naf River, the tranquillity of these mud flats feels much more like home, even if there are no instant trips around the harbour, or even trips to the island on offer.

Perhaps one of the quietest corners in the country?

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