Monday, September 24, 2012


Close to the seasonal flow of the great Jamuna River, in the village of Hemnagar, we found our latest addition to our ever-growing collection of delicious local speciality snacks in Bangladesh.

At the Shahin Tea Stall, on the banks of a great tank it shares with the local Girls College, founded in 1900 by Hem Chandra Chowdhury, we were able to watch the making of this donut like, sugar encrusted delicacy, and wash it down with the usual cup of fresh made tea.

Just down the road from ‘The Angle House’, the fine palace occupied by Hen Chandra, the local Zaminder, we were welcomed by a friendly gathering of local men, who, whilst their womenfolk were taking care of house and home, were busy watching a ubiquitous ‘teledrama’ on the tea stall TV, reminding us that TVs in country pubs at home are not the only public places to suffer socially from such entertainment.
But whilst some such forms of social behaviour may, these days, be international, fortunately, the same cannot yet be said for local speciality snacks! 

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