Monday, October 29, 2012


Despite some opinion to the contrary, believing that this fine example of a blend of European and Oriental architectural style was originally intended as Town Hall of Dhaka, the papers of Lord Curzon leave little doubt it was always intended to be a contribution to the development of an international standard university in what had, in 1905 become the capital of the new province of East Bengal and Orissa.

Lord Curzon, one of the great British Conservative politicians of his time, was Governor General of India for only a short time, resigning after a disagreement about military matters with Lord Kitchener.
A ‘Tory’ grandee of the old school, he was always embroiled, even from his school days at Eton College and undergraduate days at Oxford, in controversy, but here in Bangladesh he left an enduring mark on Old Dhaka, and what was, once, one of the great universities of Asia.

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  1. Dhaka was the Capital of East Bengal & Assam not Orrissa