Sunday, November 4, 2012


What better way to see in the New Year than a party with friends on the beach? New Year’s Eve, 2011, and , as ever, the sun set rapidly into the grey waters of the Bay of Begal.
It was 9pm before a way could be made through the jammed traffic..the first traffic jam in Cox Bazar’s history!.. to reach the beach, where a musical show was loudly in progress, and a firework display promised for the midnight hour.
The members of Cox Bazar Life Saving and Surf Club, named for Captain Hiram Cox of the East India Company, believed to be the husband of the granddaughter of the Lord Lovat who took part in the ’45 rebellion iin Britain, and became to last aristocrat executed at the Tower of London, had the BBQ grills alight, and touches lighting the circle of chairs.

Fish was on the menu, unsurprisingly. And the Guests, from various countries around the world, as well as all the members of the growing club, partied, to their own, and distant music, and the light of the fire, and fireworks, until well into 2012! Some forms of relaxation and celebration are the same, all over the world!

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