Monday, April 22, 2013


Sunamganj is the gateway to the world famous Tanguar Haor,  the 200square kilometer wetland, not only outstandingly, naturally, beautiful, but also vital to the natural life of Bangladesh.

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With over 140 species of freshwater fish, it is the ‘mother lode’ of the vital fishing industry of the country, in which fish has been, with rice, the most important dietary contribution to the population for millennia.

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It is also, as is immediately apparent to any visitor, a real outpost of the tradition of the Raj. The riverside community, easily accessible from Sylhet, has a large number of 19th century reminders of both Raj, and the East India Company.
An open, sprawling town, fascinating to walk around, with an ancient river bank market place, it is as enjoyable to spend time in, with guest house accommodation to international standards. Last time we were there, one Guest House was hosting the international aid working sister of US President Obama, as it is to approach.

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Just outside the town, on the road from Sylhet, the mid 19th century Green Mosque is well worth exploring, together with the neighboring remains of the Zaminder bungalow.
And, taking a boat from the town into Tanguar Haor, is a worthwhile day trip, or even two or three day, especially in the winter season, when over two hundred species of migratory birds can be observed .But to make the most of the trip, a local boat is more useful than the increasing fleet of motor boats threatening the environment, and putting any wildlife to flight!
Rare plants, both aquatic and shore, mammals and reptiles extend the interest to the wildlife watcher.
A favourite place for the discerning traveller!

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