Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photo Walk with Shudhui Bangla

Photographer of Shudhui Bangla Photographics Society
Photo Courtesy: Tipu Kibria
On 17th May, 2013, the Tiger Tours Coaster set off in the early morning hours and headed to Nawabganj. It was the beginning of an exciting day with “Shudhui Bangla”- a youth based photography club founded in 2008. Tiger Tours Ltd. has always acknowledged the vital role of youth participation in promoting and branding Bangladesh as the next tourist destination. Tiger Tours has recently sponsored a photobook called “Positive Light” which has been very well received by the global community. We have now realized that photography and social media are two key tools available to the youth community to promote what they wish to say with simplicity. We selected Nawabganj because it is short distance away from Dhaka, and has an array of old buildings close to each other.

Among eight or so magnificent sites which were visited by the Club, three must be brought forth to the readers.
First was the “Sudason Babur Bari”.  This magnificent palace better known locally as ‘The Judge’s House’ was built by Sudason Babu, a local businessman about 150 to 200 years ago, this awesome palace is fully preserved by its present owner Abul Hossain Khandakar- a judge of the Special Tribunal of The Supreme Court.
"The Judge’s House"
Photo Courtesy: Sazzad Ali Khan
Moderator of SBPS

Then there is Palace of “Radha Raman Babu”.  Radha Raman Babu, a 'usuary' business man; built this house around 150-200 years ago. Perhaps overzealous, he also built two different rooms on either side of entrance for his parents and had statues of them inaugurated as well. It is believed that during the war of independence in 1971, the Pakistani Army ruined the sculptures as well as some of the structure.
Photo Courtesy: Ahsan Uddin
Member of SBPS
And lastly is the “Andhar Kotha”. Aptly named the Dark Palace, as not a spot of sunlight filters through this age old building; invites stories of locked up daughters and the like, but it also stands in front the river and may perhaps simply be the residence of a family member who preferred to keep their distance. No one knows who built it and when. A mystery indeed!
38 photographers and 10 houses later, we returned to Dhaka with stories to tell and pictures to show.

 Photo Courtesy: Sohan Rahat
Member of SBPS

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