Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tourism not poorism with MV Tanguar Haor

Sabiha Mahmud  Sumi

Don’t forget to pack “luxury” alongside “eco-friendly” and “fair trade,” when you plan your cruise through Deshi waterways
Bangladesh is a gold mine when it comes to tourism. Not saying that we have the systems in place or that it is even remotely developed yet, at least not according to the West it isn’t. But what we do have, are places to admire and marvel at.

Speaking of development of tourism and Bangladesh not showing any signs of it, Tiger Tours, a joint venture fair trade tourism company achive the pioneer when it comes to sending out tourists into the unexplored country side along the mighty rivers hallowed by the South West Silk Road to China in ancient times, to show them the sights, sounds and artistic caliber of Bangladesh done in comfort and style. There, you have a signature stand opposing terms like “poor tourism” or “poorism” that Bangladesh is supposedly entitled to. 

With that in mind, this week, Avenue T brings you MV Tangaur Haor, a boat that not only screams luxury but success – success in bringing this country a vessel that swims ashore to cultures and monuments in a way never seen before. So next time, when you’re thinking of a trip to Thailand for a cruise, think again, because you can not only find a better alternative at home but you can also have the opportunity to see the beautiful pieces of landscapes that you have never seen before. 

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