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Bijoya Dashami: Durga Is Immersed With Solemnities Into the Water

Durga puja is the famous religious festival of the Hindu community, especially those in the Bengali Hindu community. Durga Puja is also known as Durgotsava. Durgotsava refers to five days festivity and these five days are observed as Shashthi,Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and Bijoya Dashami. This festival usually falls in the month of October. The Goddess ‘Durga’ is the mother of the universe. She represents the infinite power of the universe and is a symbol of a female dynamism.The goddess came to be known as Durga after killing a demon named Durgo or Durgam. When demonic forces created imbalance, all gods were united and became one divine force called ‘Shakti’ or ‘Durga’. Goddess Durga killed the powerful demon ‘Oshur’ and his commanders to control the universe with goodness as God’s will. In a final burst of triumph, she pinned Mahishashur down with her foot drove the trident into his heaving chest as he strove to hold back his escaping life-breath. Thus the demon met his doom, gazing into her frenzied eye; for the glance rared his doom and his deliverance.

Face of Durga
Being the largest religious festival for minority Bengladeshi Hindus, Durga Puja is celebrated across the country with thousands of Puja Mandaps set up in villages, towns and cities. Major pujas of Dhaka are held in Dhakeswari National Temple, Joykali Temple and Ramkrishna Mission. Special boat races are held at Padma river is arranged by the Tourism Department. Most of the pujas take place in places like Jessore, Khulna, Barisal, Gopalganj, Faridpur, Mymensingh and Sylhet- where there are large concentrations of Hindus. Durga Puja is celebrated all over Bangladesh. Some perform it individually, some collectively. Collective puja is called Baroyari or Sarvajanin (open to all).

The Idol Of Devi Durga
Not only the Hindu community but the whole nation is waiting to celebrate the Durga Puja, also known as Sharbojanin Durgotshav, meaning universal Durga festival in this year. It begins with the incarnation (Bodhon) of the Goddess Durga at temples across Bangladesh on Sunday (October 18). The five-day festival starts with ‘Bodhon’ of the Goddess Durga on Sunday, while ‘Amontron’ and ‘Adhibas’ of the Goddess Durga will be held on Monday marking the Shashthi. The festival will come to an end with the emersion of the images of the Goddess Durga in the nearby rivers and water bodies on Friday. Devotees and artisans are busy making last moment preparations and tastefully decorating the temples. A total of 29,074 pandals, including 223 in the capital, have been put up across the country this year to celebrate the Durga Puja.

Durga is immersed into Buriganga
In Dhaka, the Durga images are carried to the Buriganga to be immersed on Bijoya Dashami. On the occasion, food and clothes are distributed among the poor. After nine days of worship, Hindu believers feel the unity with God through Durga puja. They respect Durga as true mother and sacrifice the statue in river at tenth day which is known as ‘doshomi’ . 

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