Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cruising towards destinations in comfort: On Board the MV Tanguar Haor

By Subah Shaheen

Bangladesh is a treasure trove of natural beauty. The country’s great skill in enchanting onlookers worldwide is quickly winning it fame as a promising tourist destination. However, most areas of the country are still untapped by the tourist market. That is because poor infrastructure and low development makes travel and accommodation quite difficult in these entirely natural parts of the scenic country. Sundarbans is perhaps the best known example of this problem. Until recently, enthusiastic travelers had to move from boat to island to boat by maintaining balance over rickety bridges which swayed over the deep alligator infested waters so that they could view the impressive sight of the world’s largest natural mangrove forest. But now, things are looking quite optimistic for our travel enthusiasts and this is why.

Taking advantage of Bangladesh’s status as the ‘‘Land of rivers’’ the MV Tanguar Haor has been constructed to take people to these entirely natural parts of the nation. This eco-friendly cruise ship is currently the best in Bangladesh because of the facilities it provides and the unmatched customer satisfaction it renders. Past customers include UNWTO head Taleb Rifai and the US ambassador. This vessel brings to you all the comforts that will make your excursions all the more relaxing and enjoyable. These features are aimed to increase the pleasure of your journey so that the tourists can enjoy beholding the destination even more.

The cruise is fully air conditioned and so provides much needed relief from the tropical weather. Spacious rooms are available for the weary travelers to rest or spend quality time watching a movie on the provided TV set or gossip over the complimentary coffee.  

MV Tanguar Haor is unmatched in its commitment to being environmentally friendly. Navigating on waterways, the ship recognizes how pollution needs to be minimized because of the disastrous impact it has on our beautiful surroundings. This commitment it has to protecting the environment is a reflection of the great sense of responsibility possessed by the people in charge. Passenger safety is of top priority. The whole vessel is covered by CCTV cameras and an intercom in each room ensures efficient communication in the enclosed quarter. Armed guards, life jackets, life boats and passenger insurance are all steps undertaken by the authority in case of an unforeseen emergency.

The captain and engineer employed are highly trained officials who have great expertise in navigating around the waterways of Bangladesh. Customized trips can be provided to Barisal, Nijhum Deep, Kuwakata or any other destination of the passenger’s choosing. The liner offers limitless opportunities to the customer who can hire the ship to cruise over any waterway of his choosing, though popular options and their rates are as below.

An overnight trip to Chandpur will be BDT 13,000 per person, Sundarban- 3 nights 4 days at BDT 39,500 per person and for 4 nights 5 days the rate will be BDT 45,000 per person. An 8 hour day cruise will cost between BDT 3800- BDT 6700 per person. Different rates are applicable depending on the hours of cruising (4,6 or 8) and size of the group(max 60) travelling. A new package of $80-$130 per person will also soon be introduced. There are four categories of rooms on board the ship. Twin/Double (BDT 45100), Family room of 3 (BDT 45500/night), Family room of 4(BDT 54100/night) and the State Room (BDT 53500/night).The rates include all meals served during the trip which are made with great care under the expert guidance of the onboard continental chef. Additionally, one need not worry about laundry while on board the MV Tanguar Haor. This cruise offers laundry and access to a washing machine plus dryer for a small fee only. Multimedia items are available on demand as well. Comfort is guaranteed throughout the route and especially in the smallest of aspects so that the enthusiasm the travelers boarded the ship with is sustained till the very end.

To make foreign travelers more comfortable, tour guides are offered who shed light on the life, culture and history of the lands being explored. One of the main reasons behind the development of this liner is to promote travelling to the unexplored exquisite areas of the country which tourists often miss out on seeing because of the pains of travel. It is said that an enjoyable journey makes reaching the destination even better and so this vessel has been devised to serve as the perfect platform to help people explore and be able to fully enjoy the benefits of a vacation or well planned day out.

This cruise makes travelling a lot more convenient and so those who love the adventure but not the dirt and sweat of travel will find great satisfaction on board the MV Tanguar Haor. Not to mention the older generation who prefer their journeys to be smooth sailing.

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