Monday, October 31, 2016

Be a Wanderlust this Winter

Farhat Chowdhury (Zishan)

Winter is considered to be the best season to travel. The weather is wonderful; the lands are dry and there’s no awkward sweatiness. Plus, if you are a student, you can travel with a stress-free mind since you are already done with your exams. There are many famous tourist destinations scattered all across Bangladesh that are guaranteed to offer you a wonderful time. But some of them unveil their true beauties during this season. So, check them out:

Sylhet – Sylhet has a lot to offer during winter. Although it is freezing-cold out there then, if you are hell-bent on seeing a beautiful place, The Land of Mystiques should be on top of your bucket list.
The City itself offers you certain historical landmarks to visit. Located in the heart of the city is the Museum of Dewan Hasan Raja, the great Mystic poet whose songs are still sung by people all across Sylhet. And apart from that, do not miss the chance of visiting the shrines of Hajrat Shah Jalal and Hajrat Shah Paran, the two renowned Sufis of Sylhet. Get enchanted by the giant congregation of their followers and their devotion towards the pious saints. 
The real beauty of Sylhet awaits outside the city. A 60-km journey from the city will lead you to Jaflong – where you can see the distant Indian mountains. A very popular spot there is the Bangladesh- India border. You can even see the Meghalayan state from Jaflong – their traditional houses, cars travelling down the narrow mountain roads and so on. On your way back to the city, make sure you take a look at the Khashia King’s palace. On the note of tribal cultures, a mere 5 kilometers away from Jaflong is Jaintapur itself. This was the capital of the Jainta kingdom during the 18th century and right across the local market is the remains of some archaeological sites.
This place is renowned for tea and you absolutely wouldn’t want to miss the chance of having a steaming cup in the morning. To make things much more interesting, Sri Mongol offers you seven layers of tea in one single cup. Spell-bounding, isn’t it?
 This is just the prologue. Starting from Ratargul swamp forest to LalaKhaal, Sylhet has numerous places to make your vacation memorable.

Cox’s Bazar –The weather in the world’s longest sea beach is moderately cold in winter; perfect for you to stroll on the seashore or lie all day for a sunbath. The sun shines in all its glory during midday but the most pleasant time would be during the evening. 
Explore the Burmese shops, have hot freshly fried fish on a soothingly cold winter night. There are even open-air restaurants right beside the seashore, so you can listen to the wonderful sound of waves crashing while having fresh lobsters, crabs and countless other sea-fishes under the moonlight. Plus, if you’re planning to visit during the last week of December, do not forget to attend the big concerts taking place at the beach. Groove the night away with the biggest rock bands and singers on stage as they celebrate the New Year at this magnificent sea beach.

The Sundarbans–Do not miss the chance to visit the world’s largest mangrove forest this winter. Officially declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sundarbans is a few hours ship-ride from the city of Khulna. Your journey in the Sundarbans will start at Hiron Point, from where you can spot deer, crocodiles and even Royal Bengal tigers if you’re lucky enough. 
The entire mangrove forest has several distinct locations; Kaikhali, Buridabri watch tower is a place from where you can view the animals, hear the birds’ chirping and witness the true beauty of it all. There are several deals available for tourists which will make this a fantastic experience.

Rangamati – This wonderful little town has some great destinations for you to explore during your holiday. Hire an auto-rickshaw from Rangamati to go and visit Kaptai Lake. This man-made lake will also lead you to the iconic 335 feet long Hanging Bridge.
This magical green land has many other places to offer. Starting from the Kaptai National Park to Shuvolong falls, Rangamati can be your go-to destination this winter.
If you are looking for something much more adventurous, you can definitely visit the 1800 ft. high Sajek and Marissa valley. Get enthralled by natural beauty and ethnic culture.

Lastly, while it is a great idea to embark upon the journey to all these wonderful places, it is important to make sure you take warm clothes along with you and also avoid foggy nights for bus journeys. Advisably, pre-book your hotel rooms or at least contact some locals there for all sorts of assistance. Hurry up, in this season awaits adventure!

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