Thursday, November 24, 2016

Looking Closer at the Home of the Tigers

Tarek Musanna

Dhaka Dynamites
Shakib Al Hasan – Magura
World’s best ODI all-rounder and the second best at the moment in test and T20 ranking, Shakib All Hasan might be playing for Dhaka Dynamites, but he is originally from Khulna division. Shakib comes from Magura district, which is in the south western side of Bangladesh. It’s a five hours journey by bus from Dhaka. There is no train available for this route. You can visit ‘Nil Kuthi,’ built during the British rule in Magura. There is also the fort of Debal Raja and the Royal Palace of King Sitaram. This is one of the few places where you can see traditional boat racing or ‘Nouka Baich’ as the locals call it in Bangladesh.

Rangpur Riders
Soumya Sarkar – Satkhira
Soumya Sarkar might be playing for Rangpur Riders, the team in the north, but he is from the south western district of Satkhira, part of Khulna Division. It lies along the border with West Bengal, India. The major point of interest here is the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world, Sundarbans. This district is also home to many ancient buildings and temples. The Sultanpur Shahi Mosque is more than 500 years old. Other things Satkhira is famous for are plenty of fisheries and shrimp firms, and sweets named ‘Sondesh’ and ‘Pera Sondesh.’

Khulna Titans
Mahmudullah Riyad – Mymensingh
After the previous two players, ironically, our pick of the player for Khulna Titans isn’t really from Khulna. Mahmudullah Riyad is from Mymensingh district, the central region of Bangladesh. Situated on the Brahmaputra river, Mymensingh is known for educational institutes like Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Ananda Mohan College, etc. This place has acted as the center of secularism as both Muslims & Hindus live together in harmony. Mymensingh is home to the world-famous painter Zainul Abedin’s Art Gallery. If you’re ever visiting this place, make sure you take a boat ride on the river Brahmaputra. The sun setting over the river is a scene of beauty and serenity.

Barishal Bulls
Mushfiqur Rahim – Bogra
Mushfiqur Rahim is from a part of Bangladesh that is particularly rich with history. Bogra is a northern district in Rajshahi division. The story of this place dates back to more than two thousand years. If you’re visiting Bogra, make sure you visit the ancient ruins of Mahasthangarh; the ancient capital of Pundravardhana, Adam Dighi, and Baba Adam Mazar. It is also the home of a very special dessert called ‘Doi.’ The people of Bogra speak in a very distinct dialect of Bengali.

Chittagong Vikings
Tamim Iqbal – Chittagong
When it comes to dialects, nothing can beat the one used by the people of Chittagong. Fun fact about that dialect, it has more native speakers than Greek. Finally in this list, our pick of the player from a franchise is actually from that region. Tamim Iqbal is straight from the heart of Chittagong. Right by the Bay of Bengal, it’s the second largest city in Bangladesh. There are so many things to see in Chittagong. This port city has amazing views of both the sea and the hills. Chittagong is a magical place where various kinds of terrain meet to create a beautiful sight. Patenga beach, Kaptai lake, Karnafuli river, Bhatiari, Foy’s lake are few places to name.

Rajshahi Kings
Sabbir Rahman – Rajshahi
The clean striker of the ball, Sabbir Rahman is from the cleanest city of Bangladesh, Rajshahi. Rajshahi is located on the north bank of Padma river. This prominent commercial hub is a historic center of silk production, thus nick named ‘Silk City.’ The most beautiful sight in Rajshahi is at the banks of Padma. During the monsoon season, its beauty multiplies with the rise in water level. Other points of interest are the Varendra Research Museum, the oldest museum in the country; and the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum (Rh.).

Comilla Victorians
Mashrafe Mortaza – Narail
The Narail Express, Mashrafe Mortaza is probably one of the biggest things Narail district can brag about.  Narail, a part of Khulna division, is a district in the south western region. Narail has one of the two ‘Victoria Colleges’ in the country, other one obviously being in Comilla. Narail was ruled a long time by feudal lords and it shows. It’s home to some of the biggest landlord mansions in the country. 

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