Thursday, December 15, 2016

Breathtaking Sights in Bangladesh

Subah Shaheen

While there are several ways to celebrate the liberation of our country, travel enthusiasts will certainly see how visiting the country’s most scenic sights is one of the best ways to do it. Viewing our nation’s immense natural beauty fills us with a strong sense of admiration for our motherland as well as increase our gratitude towards those who fought valiantly to ensure our freedom and right over those enchanting places that we now call our own. The beauty of our country is surely not limited to a few specific locations, however to ease the task of the sightseer we offer the following popular destinations list-


Located on the banks of kaptai lake, this small town will treat you with numerous wonderful sights. With green hills on one side, water-bodies on another, the melodious sound of exotic birds chirping in the distance and a sky so clear that one can see all the streaks of pink and purple during sunsets- a trip to Rangamati will be one of the best decisions a nature lover can ever make. The diverse flora and fauna heighten the natural richness of this hilly terrain while the serpentine roads of Rangamati pose as a real adventurous treat for all the adrenaline junkies looking for some thrill. Another aspect which makes the region unique is the peaceful cohabitation of various ethnic groups. A diverse mixture of races, customs, religions and culture can be found in the region and are a real treat to behold and observe. Rangamati truly takes the traveler to a different place altogether and is the respite away from reality we all long for in a holiday.


A white sandy beach from where one can view the sunrise and the sunset from the exact same spot, Kuakata allows its visitors to have a refreshing day at the beach with fun festivities while offering a chance at great philosophical musings as well. To many the most breathtaking sight in the world is the rise and fall of waves or the merging of the sky with the water in the horizon. At Kuakata, the traveler can do both as well as explore the city and discover the culture and heritage of the tribal people residing there. Beaches will, till the end of time, enchant their beholders and Bangladesh can proudly boast of some of the world’s greatest beach destinations having both Kuakata and the world famous Cox’s Bazar under its flag.


 Another high terrain area in Chittagong, this heavenly destination is an absolute paradise for waterfall lovers. Beautiful like no other, Bandarban is an ideal location for hiking and is home to the three highest peaks of the country and encompasses numerous unique waterfalls. The high structures add to the aesthetics of the captivating landscape which a passerby could stare at for hours at a stretch in admiration. The local cuisine and handicrafts have played their parts in promoting the appeal of the region as well. Not just waterfalls, the region also boasts of the highest natural lake of the country- Boga lake, which is said to enthrall onlookers with its crystal clear water and surrounding lush greenery. The best part of holidaying in this hilly region, is the privacy and quietness of mother nature present here which allows the tourist to lose himself and his worries for an entirely calming experience. 


A top attraction site in Bangladesh, Sylhet is the place of dreams. Famous for its tea plantations, the place is also home to swamps, lakes, parks, forests and waterfalls. With religious points of interest such as Shahjalal’s (R) Mazar and Sree Chaitanya Dev Temple, Sylhet is the perfect blend of culture
meeting nature. A trip to Jaflong would mesmerize the traveler as not only the place itself but the journey to it would acquaint him with nature’s finest. In Sylhet there are plenty of diverse spots for one to explore and immerse oneself in, thus ensuring a great vacation for people of all preferences.


A region where clouds seem to fly only a few yards above the ground; where the ground is covered by various shades of greenery for as far as the eye can see. A true treat for tourists is the district of Khagrachori where one can find lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hills, forests and a lot more. With various places of interest to be explored such as the mysterious Alutila cave and a century old banyan tree, Khagrachori is bound to be both an adventurous retreat and a relaxing getaway. 

The above featured only a small portion of Bangladesh’s natural attractions. While tributes to the heroes of 1971 can be given in numerous ways, travelling to the midst of our country’s natural wealth and realizing the great treasure trove our freedom fighters secured for us is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing way of doing it.

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