Monday, January 23, 2017

Destination Weddings

Mehnaz Tabassum

Bangladesh, with all her natural elegance, is a magical destination to reach for weddings. When it comes to weddings, it is wise to keep space for unexpected adventure. From guest-count to flower d├ęcor, many things can go differently despite meticulous planning. So you might as well let the new chapter begin with all possible hilarious advent and take into consideration these exciting venues:


St. Martin’s Island and ‘Chera-deep’ are two islands you can keep in the short-list. From Teknaf you can cruise to St Martin's Island with the best and the safest ship Keari Sindbad and reach St Martin's comfortably in 2 or fewer hours. Keari Sindbad cruise journey is a pleasant one as you will see the spectacular views of Teknaf's hill on one side and Mayanmar on the other side while it cruises along the Naf River. Ferries leave the island around 3pm. Keari Sindbad ferry and you can purchase a round trip ticket; which can return on the same day or 1-2 days later. More than one convenient resorts are Swandeep, Hatiya, Bhola, Kutubdia and Nijhum Deep are few other islands to name.

Tropical/ Oceanfront

‘Kuakata’ is another name for sand and serenity. It is locally known as ‘Shagor Konna’ in Bengali
which is, Daughter of The Sea. A beach that offers you both the exposure of sunrise and sunset; is a rare beauty spot on earth.

Kuakata has road communication with Dhaka, but the journey may take long. It would be better to reach Barishal first by air and take a road trip from there to Kuakata. BRTC bus service follows a direct route from Dhaka to your destination, via Barishal. Also, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation may organize guided package tours on demand.
Cox’s Bazar is widely known all over the world as the still-existing longest sea beach on earth. More popularity has made this place easier to reach. You can take a direct flight from Dhaka there. With everyone in your guest-list offered with air-tickets to Cox’s Bazar, it can be an iconic wedding party. The travel-cost might eat up lion’s share of the entire budget, but, yet again, what’s life without a bit of fun?
Inani is a stony beach near Cox’s Bazar, another gorgeous beach wedding destination.

Mountain/Lakeside Resort

For hill tracts, mountains and waterfalls, you need to look at corners of Bangladesh.

In one corner, there is Sylhet. The entire city, in local accent, Sylhot is hilly compared to the whole country. This area is near to hilly areas of India, Asam and Meghalaya. It has a high volume of natural green. Several eye-soothing places can be referred as wedding destinations. Jadipai, Naphakhum, Hum-hum are the waterfalls that have recently received the attention to venture around.

Towards another corner is Chittagong with the most hills and mountains in Bangladesh. Rangamati, Khagrachari and finally the highest form of hilly beauty, Bandarban are the areas you can reach to wed.
Nilachal and Nilgeeri attract tourists at high concentration during winter. These can be a bit ambitious destinations for weddings if you consider the security aspect. However, mountains and hills everywhere, the venue is spectacular to look at.

Architectural/Garden Party

Northbrook Hall, Ahsan Manjil and Curzon Hall are three notable architectural destinations. Though these places are open for all visitors, it might take some paper works of permissions from authority to arrange a wedding party.

There are also plenty of options for you throughout the country to arrange a garden party. Lately, a good number of luxurious and semi-luxurious resorts have been initiated in various places of Bangladesh. Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf, Nazimghar Tea resort in Sylhet, Sairu Hill Resorts in Bandarban are a few exclusive resorts to name for wedding.

Destination wedding, in all its glory, will differ from a classical wedding party. It will be the most adventurous and memorable way to begin a new life with your special someone and if that’s what you are looking for, then Bangladesh is the country to be in.


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