Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Problems new-age travelers face

Sakub Amin

In this day and age of gridlock, commotion and the constant chase for making ends meet, journeys to faraway places seem both like a luxury and a necessity. It is a getaway of the most crucial importance, for the body is tired and the soul yearns for some searching. This has given rise to the young travellers who often ignore the conventional norms of the society and embrace a lifestyle of gypsies; in other words, the rise of new-age travellers.
When thinking of traveling destinations, it’s surprising how we often overlook places in our own country. Gifted with over 700 rivers, Bangladesh is the most beautiful delta one could ever witness. Scenic natural places, mangrove forest of epic proportion, the longest sea-beach, you name it, Bangladesh has lots to offer.
Let us talk about a trip to Tanguar Haor as an example to highlight the numerous troubles travelers today might face. It is located in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. Haor basically means low wetland. Known for its outstanding natural beauty, migratory birds, endless horizon of panoramic view, you are bound to fall in love with this place. However, the journey is not a hassle-free experience. Travellers travelling to Tanguar Haor is bound to face some common problems. Some of the common problems are:
  1. The Journey Itself: The conventional way of travelling to Tanguar Haor is by taking a bus to Sunamganj. After that, one needs to take a bike, auto-rickshaw and reach the destination. It is a troublesome experience that is uncomfortable, especially in summer when the heat is unbearable. And then there is an issue with the quality of the buses as well. In most cases they are in abysmal state. One can always opt for the boat ride which covers the entire journey. It comes with its fair share of trouble as well which will be discussed in a while.

  1. Hygienic Food and Drinking Water: Journey is a long commitment to time and takes a toll on your body. One needs to replenish oneself to look forward to the best part of the journey. Unfortunately, journey to Tanguar Haor by bus or boat means you will be missing out on good quality food and of course, safe drinking water unless you buy the packaged ones.

  1. Sanitation: Taking a boat ride means lack of access to sanitation. Although some boats come with sanitation facilities these days, the state of the washrooms is terrible. This is a problem specially for a traveler who is willing to go to Tanguar Haor and spend a few days. A bus journey doesn’t solve this problem either.

  1. Security: Security is a big concern when travelling. Unfortunately, the situation isn’t getting any better. A bus or boat ride fails to ensure the security of the travellers.

  1. First Aid Facilities: Travelling often means unwanted injuries and at times severe ones. Lack of first aid facilities is a key problem in the journey to Tanguar Haor.

  1. Internet Connectivity: The modern day traveller stores all the records of his/her journey in social media. Photos, life events and everything else is categorized in the form of a journal in social media. Internet comes in handy in emergencies as well. Needless to say, a journey of such sort means goodbye to internet connectivity.

  1. Comfort: All these lack of facilities and more lead to an uncomfortable journey devoid of the basic necessities a traveller needs. Sure at the end of the day, you might end up in Tanguar Haor but wouldn’t it be better if it could be done without sacrificing comfort?
Thankfully, times have changed and there are comfortable ways of enjoying your visit to the magnificent Tanguar Haor. Tiger Tours Limited, a leading touring company in Bangladesh arranges state of the art overnight cruises to Tanguar Haor. Such a comfortable journey not only eliminates the drawbacks already mentioned but also adds convenience, luxury and ultimately the much needed comfort. Air conditioned spacious rooms, WiFi availability, access to delicious and hygienic food, RO and UV treated drinking water, refrigeration for preservation of food, first aid facilities, CCTV cameras all around with professionally trained staff etc. make this journey an adventure of a lifetime.
Their inherent commitment to ensuring the ultimate convenience and comfort of guests has made such a dream possible. Tiger Tours Limited earnestly believes that travelers deserve nothing but the best and nothing should deter them from the conquest of peace of mind. Wouldn’t it be amazing to enjoy the glorious sight of a million stars in the sky all in the comfort of a splendid cruise?

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