Monday, May 22, 2017

Ramadan and a Trip

Shunanda Sharmin Niloy

Travelling in the scorching heat of Bangladesh’s summer, that too while some of you are fasting, may not seem like an appealing idea to the bunch of you, but with the right destination, and extremely convenient transportation services provided by Tiger Tours Limited, the trip could turn out to be amazing.  Here is a list of places worth giving a shot:

Panam Nagar

The Nagar, with a mix of Eastern and European architectural influences, will bewitch you with its antique outlook. It’s a place replete with monuments, where numerous ancient buildings stand, radiating their historical aura. A visitor would be able to easily find spots on site, to rest for a few minutes without getting burned by the direct sunlight, so that’s a plus. Besides, this place is close to other great places like Sonargaon, so two birds, one stone folks.


Sonargaon has an eloquently rich share of historical monuments, in Dhaka, within its territory. One can find Boro Shordarbari, Chhoto Shordarbari, Grand Mosque, Takshal, Lokshilpo Museusm, and many more places to visit in Sonargaon. The Lokshilpo Museum has a magnificent collection of Bengali Jamdani Sarees, beautiful and traditional.

Am ample number of restaurants available in the surrounding area of the place is a cherry on top for travelers. Tiger Tours Limited also provides tour guides, well trained and helpful, in order to lead them with the lantern of a proper plan; all the more to gain.

Tara Mosque 

Stamped on the Bangladeshi 100 Taka bill, the image of Tara Mosque is something your subconscious mind notices almost every day. Built in the 19th century, the mosque has the incorporation of Chini Tikri, a Chinese broken tile pattern with blue star mosaic designs, found on the floors and walls of the mosque, giving it the name it has now. 

Make sure to be hydrated so that the heat fails to get the best of you, and also, take breaks once in a while, which shouldn’t be a problem, because with a tour guide, getting around these places becomes almost too easy. 

Escape the hustle bustle of the city, and visit these sites. With Tiger Tours Limited, the trip is hardly going to be anything but refreshing. 

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