Friday, July 28, 2017

5 Natural Falls to visit This Summer

Mehnaz Tabassum

In a torrid summer noon, you might have escaped urbanity and lost yourself in wild natural beauty. You could not take your eyes off of it; the refreshing serenity of deep green and bright light blue around - that is the way you want summer to be. However, you witnessed all of it on the screen of your computer. Want to experience the perfect summer in reality? Here are five natural falls that you must consider:


The misty Nafakhum is originated from the hilly river Sangu, situated at Remarki, Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban. It can be rather difficult to reach, and owing to that, it is yet to become a tourist hotspot. To go to Nafakhum, first, you need to travel to Bandarban, and then head to Thanchi by bus, which might take about four to five hours. From there, the journey to Remarki continues on an engine boat; beware of the heavy tides, especially during rainy season. On reaching Remarki, you have to get registered at the Army Camp, and from there to Nafakhum, it takes about three hours on foot; it is recommended to start this leg of the journey as early as dawn.


Once you get yourself up to Nafakhum, don’t just stop there; walk for a while and reach Amiakhum. Khum is the marma word for falls; explains the names of both the falls. Amiakhum is in Sajiapara, which takes about four hours, on foot, from Nafakhum. Suggestion for this trip would be to restore your adventurous spirit, and definitely wear comfortable shoes.


Among the endless natural treasures that Bandarban has to offer, Jadipai happens to be one of the wildest natural falls out there. To reach Ruma Upazila, where Jadipai is situated, you can take a Chander Gari, a local jeep, after coming to Bandarban. The sight that would be in front of you, on reaching Jadipai, will definitely make you forget your qualms about the journey. For those who want to stay the night, can do so at Bogalake area, which is near Jadipai. Moreover, the highest peak of Bangladesh, Keokaradong hill is two hours walking distance, from the fall. Two birds with one stone, eh?


Humhum, another natural waterfall of Bangladesh, is concealed in a reserved forest of Razkandi, Sreemangal Upazila, in Sylhet. Whether you take a plane or train to complete the first leg of your journey to reach Sreemangal, from there, you may need to buckle up for a jeep journey to Madhabpur. To the fall from Madhabpur, it is going to take nearly four hours on foot. For those who have hiked before, you might encounter new challenges on this route, and for those who haven’t, are recommended to prepare well for the hike. You would also find guides on your way, to make the travelling a tad bit easier. 


Panthumai fall is located in a village, bordering India; it is located in the Gowainghat upazila, in Sylhet. Interestingly, even though the fall originates in India, the lake under the fall happens to be in Bangladesh. Since nature has no sense of border, it flows and connects the neighboring countries. After reaching Sylhet, it is rather easy to reach the village Pangthumai. In comparison to the journeys mentioned above, this one seems to be little laid back.

Whether you want a day out or an entire week, natural falls are soothing places to go, and since it’s within the boundaries of your country, what’s the hold up?

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