Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Top Stunning Places In Bangladesh You Don't Want To Miss

Ruth Christina Roy

Life can bring us closer to the mystery of nature, and in Bangladesh, it has deeper meaning altogether. In the southern part of Asia, Bangladesh lies with its natural elegance on the Bay of Bengal. The beautiful country, affectionately called ‘The Land of Rivers’ due to its vast number of waterways, is unique in beauty. Its captivating beauty, festive and colorful life of the nation will simply blow you away.
Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, the jewel of Bangladesh, is famous for its 120 km long sea beach, which has been declared the longest sea beach in the world. It is an otherworldly experience to enjoy a walk down to the beach, listening to the rumbles of the sea, while experiencing the charming sunrise or crimson sunset. Its unique feature is the blend of the sea and hills which provide a magnificent landscape. Exploring the beach in the glittering moonlight creates a different vibe and heavenly feeling altogether. The vastness of the sea and the quiet hills have the true allure of nature.

The Sundarbans

In the world’s largest mangrove forest, find your true brave spirit. The forest lies in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal and has been declared a ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. Not only is it home to the famous Royal Bengal tiger, you will also discover numbers of birds like the small mini vet, white-bellied sea eagle, brown-winged kingfisher, black-capped kingfisher, Italian pond heron and much more. Naturally, the Sundarbans is known as ‘The Paradise of Birds’ to many bird-lovers. The glimpse of spotted deer in the forest will be enough to keep you busy with your camera shutter.

Ratargul, Sylhet

Sylhet is the land of water and lakes, and ‘Ratargul’, the snake sanctuary, is a real adventure through the freshwater swamp forest. This green forest remains underwater most of the time and is navigated by boat. The overhead blue sky makes the surroundings even more eye-catching by casting its reflection on the clear water. The adventure of experiencing the wildlife here cannot be compared to anything. The green surroundings will make you feel closer than you’ve ever felt to the Mother Nature.

Paharpur Bihar

Return to an age of amazement and wonderment in Paharpur Bihar, in north Bengal. This seventh-century archaeological site is now considered a world heritage. It holds the evidence of the era of ‘Mahayana Buddhism’ in Bengal and was a renowned intellectual center until the twelfth century. This monastery city represents a unique artistic achievement, with its profusion of carved decoration, breathtaking terracotta plaques, pottery, coins, ornamental bricks, and other minor clay objects. A heavenly playground for those with archaeological interest.

Shat Gombuj Mashjid

‘Shat Gombuj Mashjid’ is a mosque built by a great Muslim Saint Khan Jahan Ali with 81 domes, and has been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. You can find the true meaning of inner silence and the truth of eternal presence. Its authenticity along with simplicity will make you reflect on and appreciate the small moments of happiness in life that remain unnoticed most of the time. This wonderful archaeological beauty which is the signature of 15th-century architecture was constructed with terracotta decoration. The old decorated boundary wall around the mosque yard, beautiful design around the doors simply bear the former Muslim cultural tradition. It is magnificent in its own way.

Trying to find Bangladesh in a travel book will never let you experience her true beauty. Its incredible tradition, magic, warmth of bonding and rhythm of life is definitely an experience that must be explored. The colorful life of this tiny country can provide real enjoyment and happiness for you which will stay with you for a very long time.

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