Thursday, January 27, 2011


It may not look too streamlined, but this converted CNG, which is what Bangladeshis call what others might call Tuktuks, referring to the most common fuel for the vital member of the public transportation service, deriving from the Compressed Natural Gas, a fuel of which the country has large supplies, is one of four operating in sun drenched Cox’s Bazar. With a solar panel mounted on its roof, it may not look too elegant, but it powers the vehicle in the most environmentally friendly way possible! It demonstrates, once again, that the ordinary people of the country take the environment more seriously than do the drivers of unnecessarily large BMWs and Land Cruisers..including UN and other NGOs..

Needless to say, our friends at Tiger Tours ( have the telephone numbers of the environmentally aware owners of these machines, to support their determined efforts to make the growth of tourism in Bangladesh as socially and environmentally friendly as possible.

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  1. if tour operators can arrange a short distance local travel by electric wheeler for tourist's , that will be positive sign for this wheelers transportation activities for business and also environment. such as if any operator arrange three wheeler service for tourist from hotel to Kuakata sea beach, that will be make impact local transport businessmen. at a time visitors can enjoy rides soundless and pollution free. by start one also follow the others operator.sound like small but can focus large scale. locally and internationally.
    This will be an example. we can show the world Bangladeshi tour operators are contribute green environment activities. they play role from their part.