Saturday, February 5, 2011


Even the most mundane journeys in Bangladesh can readily turn into an adventure. But they can also turn out to be scenically outstanding.
A journey south of the Padma River, for example, known for much of its lengthy course as Ganges, will involve either using the relatively new, and very beautiful, Lalon Shah Bridge, the construction of which was kindly supported by Japan, running beside the rather older Harding Bridge; or taking a ferry.

From the Manikganj Ghat, ferries make their way across the waters of the great river, and both aboard the ferry, and on passing boats as well as the ferry terminals and river banks, there can always be seen a colourful array of people and activities.
Whilst not racing along busy roads to reach some destination, such ferry crossings offer that unique opportunity to stop, take deep breaths, and see, or even meet, some of the ever friendly people of the country, and relish the apparently almost endless vistas of these sweeping delta waters and river banks.

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