Saturday, July 7, 2012


Its that time of year again! The rivers are filling with the Himalayan melt waters, and the monsoon rains. The fields are unworkable. It will soon be time for the young men of countless communities across the country to pit their strength against neighbours in the boat racing season.

From six man crews to 126, including spearman, drummers and cymbalists, and other on board coaches, these dramatic events, in ancient, and very sleek craft, beautifully decorated with devices to bring good fortune, will be taking place all over the country, in most of the, more than, 700 rivers, tributaries and branches that comprise, this, the most waterine nation in the world.

Dragon boat racing in Penang or Hong Kong attracts visitors from across the world. But here, in Bangladesh, can still be seen the real, amateur, dramatic challenges that are real spectator sport!

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