Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Mighty Shiva temple near Murapara College.

The lands of Bangladesh are littered with fine Hindu constructs that bear testimony to the fact that much of the lands were once, either administered by Hindus, or, as in some cases, had a majority Hindu population.

Beautiful temple in Rajshaji

Easily the most conspicuous of these temples are, of course, the towering phallic representations of the Shiva Temples, the worship of whom is the worship of fertility.

Quaint and inconspicuous in Sirajgonj.

Like the ancient country churches of England, across the rolling agricultural lands of Bangladesh, these ‘steeples’ have dominated the skyline for a centuries.
Now in far worse case than the churches of England, these ‘steeples’ are approaching, many of them, the final stages of decay, but it is clear that, once, considerable investment was made in them, a sign of the devotion of the worshippers.

Very well kept temple in Rajshahi

Sad to see, but fascinating, too, in many cases, as they age with dignity, and some splendour.

Nature takes over in Manikgonj

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