Sunday, December 23, 2012


Near Shepur, in the middle of Rajshahi division of Bangladesh, stands one of the most remarkable Hindu sites in the country.
Four Shiva temples, presumably constructed in the 15th or 16th Centuries, some renovated, one in the embrace of a Bhodi Tree, stand just outside the compound, in which four mid-eighteenth century temples have been renovated and restored colorfully to their original condition; providing a centre for Hindu worship.

Originally constructed by the great Rani Bhabani, the famous Zaminder of Natore, whose ‘reign’ lasted close to 40 years; and her adopted son and daughter, the establishment left a remarkable heritage, especially when we consider that it survived the decline of the Mughal administration in the area and the advent of the East India Company.

The temple ‘compound’ also includes the solid ruins of a very evident Mughal period palace said to have been constructed in the period of the Emperor Aurangzeb in the second half of the 17th Century and the opening years of the 18th.

There is clearly a story here, given the proximity of the Muslim inspired palace to the earlier temples.However, in the absence of further research in the area, all we can do is take note of this sequence with interest.

A very worthwhile diversion from the main route between Jamuna Bridge and Bogra.

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  1. Great photos of a terrific site of interest. I shall try to pop over there next time I pass by Bogra!