Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Beside the road from Dhaka to Nawabganj, in the small community of Komorganj, in the shade of tall trees, stands a small example of late 19th Century Zaminderbari.

A weekend pavilion, perhaps, or simple a tax gathering point for a zaminder with larger territories, it seems now to be occupied, as so many are, not by servants or descendants of what were evidently originally Hindu occupants, judging by the small temple remains, but probably by refugees arriving after 1947 partition, seeking shelter in unoccupied homes, which they found here, in Komorganj.

Somewhat undistinguished, architecturally, though with clues to a richness of past, it will have, somewhere, its own story to tell, like so many of the hundreds of such palaces, mansions and houses of that great period of wealth and trade that closed with the 2nd world war, and the Independence and partition that followed.

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