Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bichanakandi With Panthumai Waterfall

The two attractions, Bichanakandi and Panthumai Waterfall, is situated in Gowainghat Upazilla of Sylhet District near Bangladesh- India border. All the highlands and the mountain ranges belong to India and all the flat lands belong to Bangladesh. This means almost all of the waterfalls are situated in India. However you can still get to see and enjoy the streams coming down from the Indian Waterfalls. By renting a boat from Kamalganj ghat anyone can visit these two beautiful locations. The best part of the journey is the peaceful boat ride and the raw natural scenic beauty of this region


Cruising in Bichanakandi 
Bichanakandi, located in the Goainghat Upazilla of Sylhet, is just near the Indian border. It is known to be even more breathtaking than Jaflong. Bichanakandi is a stone quarry that has been used for quite some years now. However, recently it has become a blossoming tourist attraction for all types of travellers. The stream coming from a waterfall located in India comes down rushing through the mountains as it kisses the Goain river gently, this narrow stretch is adorned with stones of different sizes and shapes. This gorgeous meeting point has become known as “Bichanakandi”.                                                             

If you are up to exploring more untouched scenic beauty, there is a town nearby called Goainghat which holds a must visit destination named Haadar Paar. Reflected in the lap of nature in the mountain sky shake, transparent cool water flows down the hills into the river stream of Haadar Paar. It is an almost hypnotizing scene to watch the water flowing ever so gracefully between the stones of the river. 

Panthumai Waterfall:

Panthumai Waterfall
Panthumai Waterfall is located between the Bangladesh-Indian border. A large portion of the Waterfall belongs to India whilst it is only the lake that belongs to Bangladesh. The village Pang Thu Mai is the bordering village. Anyone who has visited will agree, the atmosphere of this place is electric. Thick green jungle of Meghalaya hills surrounds you as you hear the soothing sound of the Waterfall flowing into the river. For one who is seeking solitude, this is the best place to be.

Thick green vegetation surrounding the Waterfall
The entrance to Panthumai, is lined with trees on both sides, setting the stage for the serene beauty to come. Dotting the road are individual homes; many have plots in front with a dense growth of trees. Vines of paan (betel leaf) climb along the trunks of these trees. Rice and vegetables are grown on the farmland further inland and along the edge of the river.

The amalgam of all these attractions make it indeed a unique destination that is suitable for all types of tourists.

Photo Courtesy: Saidur Rahman, The web

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