Thursday, December 3, 2015

Highest Hill Of The Country

Saka Haphong
There are many hills in our country, which are situated in the southern part (Chittagong Hill Track) of Bangladesh. Amongst these hills,  is Saka Hafong. It is one of the best trekking spots for adventurers. Though it is not officially the highest peak, topological maps and a GPS (Global Positioning System) based survey suggests it could be possibly, the highest peak of Bangladesh.The peak reaches to a height over 3000 feet (900 meters).

Saka Hafong:

Trail to Saka Haphong
The peak is situated in the district of Bandarban. Saka Hafong is also known as Mowdok Taung and Tlang Moy (Taung and Tlang: both of these words means Peak, in Tribal language.

It is situated at the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar. “Saka Hafong” means “the peak of the East” in Tripura tribal language. This name was first published by Nature Adventure Club Bangladesh in 2007. Recently two trekking clubs counted the height of "Saka Haphong" as 3,488 and 3,461 feet respectively.

Village near the Mountain 

Any of these two figures make it the highest mountain in Bangladesh exceeding the height of Keokaradong, which is 3,172 feet high. This peak is also known as Mowdok Taung (as per USGS Topo and Russian Topo map), Saka Haphong (by local Tripura tribes).

'Mowdok Taung' still presumably remains as the official and the most authentic name for this peak. Since 2007 till now route to Saka Haphong is the most desired trekking route for adventure lovers in Bangladesh. Trekking to Saka Haphong not only offers you an amazing view, you get to experience the local life in Bangladesh as you trek your way through Thanchi Bazaar in Bandarban all the way to the peak of Saka Haphong. The locals are known to be very accommodating and they welcome trekkers to stay at their homes for a minimum fee, usually Tk50-100 per night.

Photo courtesy: Dr. Muntasir Moin

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