Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A trip worth leaving an unhealthy habit?

Tarek Musanna

As much as people might want to wander around, explore the unknown, and experience new things, the sad reality is that not everyone gets the chance to travel, at least not as much as they would like, mostly because travelling can be quite expensive. But, if you really are as adventurous as you claim to be, there are ways you can save up for that day out or the weekend gateway you wanted. Tiger Tours BD is offering a range of affordable packages to ensure the most fulfilling travelling experience for you, chances to add some points to your life’s resume, and of course, an opportunity for you to think over some rather unwise life decisions on your part and maybe, turn them over.

For the Riverine Folks
The rainy season is here; the roads are flooding and the rain keeps drenching you at the worst of times. It might be absolutely terrible to be in Dhaka at this time, but this is also the time when the rivers of this beautiful country bloom the most! Tiger Tours is offering you a package to navigate through the amazing southern water of Barishal, a package that happens to include the amazing opportunity of night cruising with paddle steamers. During the day, there are gorgeous sites to visit - Halima Manzil, Guthia Mosque, Durga Sagor Dighi, the estate of Kirtipasa Zaminder, etc. And all the delicious fried fish that you’re going to have the chance to try, is perhaps going to be better than the high-end restaurants’ dishes you chomp on, while you’re in the capital.

For the Busy Souls 
If you’re not willing to go through the hassle of a longer trip, how about settle for a one day trip? Exploring the remains of an ancient trade center idea might seem enticing for caged travel junkies, looking for a break. This 12 hour trip would consist of visiting the Mograpara Palace, Panam City, Grand Trunk Road, and Mughal Bridge, and then you could possibly see what the Folk Arts & Crafts Museum has to offer. You’re about to conjure up a lots of photos for #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. Away from the city and its junk food, along with getting a folder of great pictures. Not bad of a deal, eh?

For the Nature Lovers
If you’re particularly interested in reconnecting with Mother Nature, or making up for a week worth of legwork at the gym, Tiger Tour offers both the serenity of the north eastern borders and the splendor of the southern hills. These 3-4 day trips would immerse you into scenic views that you would never be able to forget. The northern trip is an overview of Sylhet, visiting Sangram Punji, Ali Azmat Clock, Keane Birdge, Sari River, Jantia Palace, and of course, mandatory visits to tea gardens, exploring the Lawachara National Park, Lalakhal and Jaflong. On the other hand, the southern trip to Bandarban offers an intense experience of some of the tallest places of Bangladesh through Nilachal, Meghla, Ruma Bazar, Golden temple, and trekking to Boga Lake.

All the trips mentioned above can be both hard on your body and wallet. So we suggest you start building up your stamina by working out beforehand; walk instead of taking the rickshaw for a kilometer commute, or take the bus instead of CNG for a while. Skip all types of outdoor dining. Maybe try quitting smoking, and save both your money and your body that day. Being healthy and fit enough to travel, is obviously very vital, and as hard as leaving an old habit could be, the satisfaction of completely enjoying yourself during that long-awaited trip, is going to be worth it.

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