Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Guide to Packing like a Pro for Trips

Subah Shaheen

Prepping for trips can be quite confusing; regardless of how many vacations you have had or how many times you have gone over ‘efficient packing’ tutorials, you will either end up being that person who borrows from others, or someone who ends up complaining about not using half their luggage. No worries though, for that is about to change! With the following tips, you can quite certainly pack like a pro, and be the entirely self sufficient smart traveler you’ve longed to become. Of course, your destination and your plans when you get there, are to influence your packing, so I’ll break it down accordingly.

The Very Basics
These commodities apply whether one is going for a fun weekend with friends, or for a big international adventure. The globetrotter should always carry hand sanitizer, tissue paper, a portable charger or a good old fashioned one, spare cash in different denominations, general medication, sunglasses and case, sunscreen, umbrella, headphones, electric converters or adapters, and a small bottle of emergency water. Additional toiletry items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, perfume/cologne, cream, comb, hair bands, soap, shampoo, towel, and scissors, are a must as well. Needless to say, your laptop and phone are essentials everywhere.

The Big Event Trip
Ex-roommate’s destination wedding or a family retreat to celebrate the grandparents’ anniversary, when you have a big event to celebrate, your packing needs to reflect that. Let’s first start with the clothes; count the number of events you’ll have and really, plan out your wardrobe before packing, and keep an extra set for emergencies of course. Packing a sewing kit would be a smart move. Accessories, shaving cream and razors, hair products, hair dryer, and makeup, are important to bring out the best in you on your loved one’s special day. While the event might be the highlight, there will be several bonding opportunities for you and your fellow travelers, so take with you some suitable movies and games. Also, travelling with a big group means adjustments and compromises, so take something to help you handle it; sleeping pills or chocolate, whatever helps you relax better is an important part of the luggage.

Away For Some Alone Time
As the name suggests, this trip is for those times when you need a break. A real break, to rewind and rejuvenate. Take whatever gives you inner peace; your guitar, some promising books, a typewriter, a canvass and your coloring set, a long playlist of all your favorite tracks, or maybe just an empty album you want to fill with pictures of new adventures. If you haven’t got everything planned out, make sure to take some relevant apps that will help you, such as apps for transportation, maps, hotels, sightseeing suggestions etc.

For All International Trips
Passport, tickets, other relevant IDs, travel documents, and a pen, should be in your carryon bag. Also, carry emergency contact numbers and guide books to give you a strong sense of bearing in the unfamiliar place. Lastly, keep in mind the airport luggage rules; there is nothing as cumbersome as having to get your bag checked every time, so make sure you are not packing anything in the carryon bag that sets off detectors.
The above list should ensure that you have no luggage related mishaps on your trip. The most basic thing to pack are one’s clothes, so try to iron the ones you want to take and fold them neatly in an organized manner, in order to quickly find what you want later.  It’s best to pack a little in advance so that your brain can subsequently absorb it all in, and if new ideas for the trip do spring up, you can pack up for that as well. 


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